Weekend Painting

It was a glorious weekend of sunshine here in York and after all the craziness of the last few months preparing for Surtex and working with my new agent I spent the whole time painting and drawing in the garden!


Pink Watercolour Flowers by Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.uk

Although I’ve really enjoyed working with the lovely team at MHS Licensing over the last few months to build my portfolio ready to show at Surtex (at the end of this week!!), it felt so good to finally be able to relax and just paint and draw without any pressure and just for fun.  In fact, most of the work I’ve been doing lately has been computer work so just to be able to get the paints out was a good feeling!

Watercolour butterfly by Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.uk

I also had a play about with the marker pens which I haven’t done in a long time either.  I’d forgotten how much I like my marker pens!

Marker Pen Florals by Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.uk

Marker Pen Flowers by Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.uk

I had fun drawing some little ditsy flowers too.

Ditsy Flowers in marker pens by Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.uk

After a relaxing weekend painting and drawing in the garden I’m starting the week feeling a little more refreshed than I have done in the last few weeks! I hope you had a good weekend too and enjoyed the sunshine.

Rebecca x

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