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Welcome to my Blog & to the first ever print & pattern Pinhop!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my Blog. I’m assuming most of you have found your way here via the wonderful Find New Designers – Pinhop June pinterest board I hope you’ve enjoyed your pattern journey so far and I’m sure you’ll have been able to immerse yourself in some wonderful designs.

I’m a Surface Pattern Designer based in beautiful Yorkshire in the UK and you can find out more about me and my work by looking through the rest of my website here and blog here but for now it’s all about the Pinhop June!

Each designer taking part has chosen one of 3 trends from the Patternbank Autumn/Winter 2013/14 trend forecast.  I chose Historical Adornment and this is the moodboard and colour story for that trend.pv-indigo-trend-report-aw-13-14-ornamental1

My collection uses the following 3 colours from their colour palette with white as an additional highlight colour.Colour PaletteThis was a tricky colourway for me as I normally go for brighter colours but I wanted to try something a bit different and I felt the darker, more mysterious colours leant themselves well to the trend. I hope you agree!

So here I present my brand new collection “Historical Adornment” 

Victoriana TrailHistorical Adornment – Trail

Victoriana TileHistorical Adornment – Tile

Victoriana - DiamondHistorical Adornment – Diamond

Victoriana FlowerHistorical Adornment – Flower

This is what the main design ‘Historical Adornment – Trail’ would look like as wallpaper.

Victoriana Trail_wallpaper

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my collection of designs and this part of your pattern journey.  Please do hop back over to the Find New Designers Pinhop Pinterest Board to discover many more lovely designs by fellow designers by clicking the link here or on any of my images but before you do, please take a few moments to hop along to the next designer Tina Olsson from Fyllayta to view her wonderful work.  In fact, Tina is the brains and creative drive behind the whole Pinhop idea and has spent countless hours behind the scenes making the whole event possible.

ny rätt LOGGA  copy copy

I can guarantee you’ll be in for a real treat when visiting her Blog. So sit back and enjoy the rest of the beautiful work by all the fellow designers and thank you for stopping by!



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