New Work

Following all the hard work of the big project that was my first ever Look Book, I’ve been busy building and developing my collections.  Putting the Look Book together has been a great way for me to really look closely at what designs I have in my Portfolio, what areas are my strongest and which areas might need work.  The Look Book was only really intended as a taster of what work I have in my full Portfolio but it’s really got me focusing on the different collections I have, working on new co-ordinates to accompany main designs and coming up with some exciting brand new collections.  I feel another Look Book coming on!!

I’ve also been looking at some existing designs that I’ve created and for some reason they’ve niggled me and I’ve not been 100% happy with them. Sometimes all that’s needed is to re-colour them to bring them back to life and they feel like brand new designs all over again! Below is an example of one I’ve re-coloured recently.  I’ve been wanting to use a really deep, rich colour palette on a design for a while now but just haven’t found the right design to use it on.  Then the other day I was looking at this floral design that I loved but felt lacked a bit of ‘oomph’! I realised it was the colours that weren’t quite right and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use my new deep rich palette!  So, here is a sneaky peek at this new design brought back to life! I hope you like it and would love to know what you think.

Berry Flowers

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