New Society 6 Shop!

Happy New Year!

The Blog has been a bit quiet lately so I thought I would come back with some exciting news……I now have a new Society 6 shop! You can buy my designs on products such as iphone covers, laptops skins, cushions and greetings cards! I’m very excited!  I’ve only uploaded a few designs to start off with but I’ll be adding more in the coming days/weeks so do keep checking back.

Shop Front

It’s been a while since I sold my own products as I’ve been concentrating on just the surface pattern design side of work but I must admit, I have missed not having a line of products for sale. One of the big things I missed about not having my own products was the regular contact and feedback with the public and the people who bought them.  So by using Society 6 it allows me to make some of my designs accessible to everyone…’s the best of both worlds – you get to see (and hopefully buy!) my new designs on fab products regularly and I still get to focus on my surface pattern design work!  I really hope you like the designs that I’ve chosen to release for the launch of the shop and would love to hear which one’s you like best.  Although Society 6 are based in the US, they do worldwide shipping so be sure to check it out  here!

Society 6 Products[zilla_share]

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