New Dementia Ward – Surface Patterns

Well it’s been a busy 7 days!  Last week I accepted a lovely new project to create surface pattern designs for a new Dementia Ward at York Hospital.  It’s been a really big project, 84 windows, 9 doors and 2 walls to be precise and I only had 7 days to complete it!  I embraced the challenge and worked my socks off, including all weekend and finally it’s nearly all completed.

I’ve created designs that will be printed onto vinyl and attached to the ward’s windows, created motifs for each bay based on a specific flower and colour, which will be plot cut out of vinyl and attached to the doors, helping the patients to recognise which bay they are staying on and I’ve created designs for wall panels and windows for the inside of the bays.

I’ll post more about the design development of the project and some images of the actual sketches and designs soon but I’ve just returned from the printers to check off all the colour swatches for each design and thought I’d share a little insight into the process. Harrisons Signs are the company that are printing and installing the vinyl and they’ve been great and extremely patient with us this morning! The photos aren’t great as they were taken on my phone but hopefully they’ll give you an idea!

PrinterThe huge printer that prints the colours onto optically clear vinyl, which will look ‘frosted’. It’s printing different shade colour swatches for each colour used in every design for the windows.

FernOne of the motifs that will be plot cut out of vinyl and attached to the doors of each nursing bay in the new Dementia ward.

GreysTrying to pick 3 different greys for the window surface pattern that will go in one of the ward’s nine bays.  The greys were the hardest one’s to get right and took the longest to pick!

I can’t wait to see it all finished and installed, which will be some time in the next 2 weeks.  I’ll post some more visuals soon which show the actual patterns I created for each bay but in the meantime I’ve got 3 more motifs to create for it and then I can breathe a big sigh of relief!