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Well as promised, here’s a blog post all about my first sewing project with my very own Prairie fabrics! I’ve been seeing all the amazing things that other people have been making with my fabrics and I couldn’t wait to get started myself.  I used to sew quite a bit but I’ve not sewn for a while now and I’ve never tried dress making before, so I enlisted the help of my mum who used to make dresses and clothes for me when I was little (a very long time ago!).

Prairie Fabrics - Rebecca Stoner -

So, I dusted off my trusty sewing machine and got together with my mum and we began our weekend sewing fest! I’d downloaded a really cute pattern called The Geranium Dress pattern from Made By Rae which I found out about from Fabric HQ as they’d already made one with my fabrics and I loved it!  We planned to make a dress a for my little niece Lucie but because we were both a bit rusty we decided to make one first as a trial run and then make the other one out of the fabrics that her Mum had chosen from the collection.

Prairie Fabrics by Rebecca Stoner

The pattern was downloadable and surprisingly easy to follow.  You had to print it all out and then join all the sections together.  Once that was done, it was onto cutting out all the different pattern pieces that would make up the dress. We decided to make the Tunic first (which is really just a shorter version of the dress) from my Stitchy Circles fabrics in Coral.

Prairie Dress Bodice Rebecca Stoner

Then it was over to the sewing machine! Here’s my Mum sewing the first part of the bodice together.

Sewing Weekend Rebecca Stoner

There were different options with the dress pattern, you could keep it really simple and just have cut out sleeves or you could make little ‘flutter’ sleeves which we wanted to do as soon as we saw the pictures!  I actually made these and they weren’t as hard as they might look and I think they make the Tunic/Dress look even prettier don’t you?

Prairie Dress Flutter Sleeves Rebecca Stoner

And here’s the finished Tunic! Well apart from the hem that we need to do once Lucie tries it on.  We were so pleased with it and I think it looks gorgeous in the Coral fabric don’t you?

Prairie Stitchy Circles Dress by Rebecca Stoner

So then it was my turn to go it alone!  Mum started me off by showing me how all the pieces go together and she ran through the instructions with me so I had a good idea of what I was doing.  I couldn’t wait to get going!  This time I started cutting the dress pieces out of the Doilies fabric which is what Lucie’s Mum had chosen for her.

Prairie Doilies Bodice Rebecca Stoner

Then it was my turn at the machine, which I really enjoyed! I’m used to making bigger things like blinds and curtains (I’ve made all of the ones in our house!) so it was so nice to be able to work with a manageable amount of fabric because anyone who’s ever made curtains before will know just how hard it is to manage all that cloth!!

Prairie Dress Making Rebecca Stoner

Again we decided to do the ‘flutter’ sleeves that we fell in love with before but I also thought it would be nice to make them out of a contrasting fabric so I used my Prairie Crochet fabric for them.  I also decided to line the inside of the Bodice with the same fabric too.  What do you think?

Prairie Doilies Bodice Rebecca Stoner

I was enjoying it so much and feeling quite brave about it all that I decided to also add a contrasting band around the bottom of the skirt of the dress, again from the yellow Prairie Crochet fabric.  And here’s the finished dress in all it’s glory!  I’m so proud of it as it’s the first dress I’ve ever made, I just hope my little niece likes it as much!

Prairie Doilies Dress by Rebecca Stoner

I’m planning on doing a little photo-shoot with my niece wearing her new dress so I’ll post some pictures of her showing it off in a new Blog post.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the sewing process and I hope it’s inspired you to make something with my fabrics.  I’ve certainly caught the sewing bug again and I’m already planning what I’m going to make next…..HINT: – it’s something for me to wear!





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