My Prairie Dresses – Part 2

I’m finally posting the follow up part to my very popular Prairie Dresses post back in the Summer!  Ok, so it’s definitely not Summer anymore but I still thought it would be nice to share what else I made with my Prairie fabrics and hopefully it will inspire you to get your sewing machine out and make something nice for yourself.  As before, I used sewing patterns from the Made By Rae website. I’ve sewn quite a lot of her patterns now and have recommended them to so many people that I should be on commission but I’m not I promise, I just find them really easy to understand and love the style of clothes!

So first up is another of her pretty Washi dresses.  If you buy the Washi Expansion pack, like I did, you get lots of different versions of the same dress and top, so if you end up going a bit mad making everything (also like I did!) you end up with lots of different dresses and tops in your wardrobe.  You may remember that last time I made this Washi dress with Peter Pan Collar, using my Prairie Scattered Flowers fabric and I absolutely love wearing it.

Prairie Scattered Flowers Dress Rebecca Stoner

It’s really comfy to wear, can be dressed up or down and I always get compliments when I’m wearing it, so I decided to try the same dress again using my Prairie Doilies fabric but with a big bow at the front instead of the Peter Pan Collar.  It wasn’t as fiddly as I thought it was going to be putting the bow in.  Remember, before I started making clothes using my fabrics I’d never attempted dressmaking before, so I would say I’m still a beginner.

Prairie Dresses © Rebecca Stoner

I still made it with the pleats (you get the option to put gathers in instead) which I feel suits the weight of the fabric as it’s slightly heavier than traditional dressmaking fabric.  Apologies for the creased look! I do own an iron but I’d been out all day wearing the dress and didn’t realise it had creased until I looked back at the photos!  The things I found most tricky with these dresses was putting the bias binding around the arm holes and getting the darts in the bodice to look right.  I feel they look a bit too prominent in the ones I’ve made so far, so that’s something I need to work on.  I’ve worn this version both on it’s own and also with leggings when it’s been slightly cooler and either way it looks good.

Prairie Dresses © Rebecca Stoner

The next thing I attempted was the Ruby Top/Dress.  I have to say I love this top too!  I’ve made a few of these in different fabrics as they’re such easy tops to wear with jeans or trousers and you have the option to make them different lengths (so you can make it into a dress).  This top was very quick to make indeed as it doesn’t have many sections to it and I even made one in the morning before I wanted to wear it later that day!  The longest part is making and attaching the bias binding.

Prairie Tops © Rebecca Stoner

As you can see I’ve also played about using different Prairie fabrics for the top bodice part and a contrasting fabric for the bottom of the bodice and the bias binding.

Prairie Tops © Rebecca Stoner

This is another top that I’ve always had compliments when I’ve worn them, the best being someone who thought my top was from White Stuff which is a HUGE compliment as it’s a company I’d love to design fabrics for!  For the top shown here I used my Prairie Stitchy Circles for the main part of the bodice and my Prairie Ikat for the top section.  The length of this top is the standard top length and sits just below my waistband (I’m fairly tall)  but I have also made the dress length version which is actually quite short on me but is nice to wear as a tunic over jeans or leggings.  I’ll post photos of that one another time.

Prairie Tops © Rebecca Stoner

I know these are really all Summer tops and dresses but all the Washi sewing patterns do include options to put sleeves in them, so with using a heavier fabric or wearing them with a nice cardy,  I think you could easily get away with wearing them during Autumn…..well I intend to anyway!

Prairie Stitchy Circles Top_Rebecca Stoner

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second part to my Prairie Dresses posts and I really hope it inspires you to dust off your sewing machine and get dressmaking!  Are you planning any sewing projects at the moment? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!
Rebecca x

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