My Prairie Dresses – Part 1

I’ve been really excited to share this blog post and all the photos with you, ever since I started my sewing marathon last week!  What began as a quiet day set aside to make myself a pretty summer top from my Prairie fabrics very quickly turned into a bit of a sewing binge and before I knew it I’d happily made myself 2 tops, 2 dresses and had the pattern pieces cut out for 2 little girls dresses too!  It all started with this delivery……

Prairie Fabrics - Rebecca Stoner

I couldn’t wait to get the packages opened and see the lengths of fabric in full.  I’d already picked the sewing patterns I was going to use but I had to choose which of the fabrics to use for each project.  First up was my Ditsy Flowers fabric which I used to make the lovely Washi Top by Made By Rae which I’d had my eye on for a long time now and actually bought the pattern for months ago!

Ditsy Flowers Fabric by Rebecca Stoner

You get lots of different options with this pattern, especially if you also buy the Washi Expansion Pack as well, which is what I did. There are versions for a dress or a top and different neck finishes like a collar or bow but I chose to make the simple cut-out scoop neck-line.  I did end up making 2 other versions of this pattern using the dress options – one with a Peter Pan collar, which you’ll see in this post and also one with a big bow which I’ll post in part two of this post.  I’m very new to dressmaking, only having made 2 other dresses previously which you can see here but I found the patterns very easy and clear to understand.  So, here is the first top I made….

Prairie Ditsy Flowers Top Rebecca Stoner

I love the fit of this top and I have to say it fitted like a glove the first time I put it on with no adjustments needed!  It was such a wonderful (and slightly strange!) feeling wearing a top out of fabric I had designed myself but I love it!  It’s really comfy and quite cool too.  I like the length which comes just below my hips, although I’m quite tall so it could be longer on other people.  The back has shirring (rows of elasticated thread) which you can see a photo of in detail further on in the post on the dress version and I chose to put pleats in the front rather than gathering it.

Prairie Ditsy Flower Top Rebecca Stoner

What do you think? Not bad for a first attempt?!  Well it certainly re-kindled my love of sewing, so much so that I went straight on to make the dress version!!  This time I chose to have a go at the dress with a Peter Pan collar and for this I used my Prairie Scattered Flowers fabric.  Here’s me doing my best not to strike a dodgy catalogue pose but failing miserably, cringe!

Prairie Scattered Flowers Dress Rebecca Stoner

I really love this dress too and it also feels very comfy to wear and very cool too which is much needed with the heat we’re getting at the moment!  I love the Peter Pan collar and the dress even has pockets! I’ve been wearing it with flat pumps for a casual summery look but I can also imagine dressing it up with heels and a pretty bag for a summer wedding or drinks.  This is the shirring in the back of the dress that I mentioned before, which was also surprisingly easy to do as well and I think it gives the back a nice look don’t you?

Prairie Scattered Flowers Dress - detail of shirring Rebecca Stoner


I really got into dressmaking whilst making these two pieces and it has definitely re-kindled my love of sewing, having been put off a few years ago after a period of time when I made a lot of curtains (don’t ask!).  I always thought dressmaking would be even harder so never attempted it but now I’m so glad my Mum persuaded me to give it a go and managed to convince me I’d enjoy it.  I think I’ll be making clothes for myself all the time now!

Praire Scattered Flowers Dress Detail by Rebecca Stoner

I’m going to be posting part 2 soon which features another top from a different pattern altogether and another version of the Washi Dress but this time with the big bow at the front!  I hope you like the clothes I’ve made using my fabrics and would love to hear what you think to them in the comments below.  Have you got any favourite patterns that you like to sew with or any that you can recommend?

If you’d like to try making any of the dresses or tops featured in this post then be sure to check out the Made By Rae website as it has lots of great patterns and you can buy my Prairie fabric from any of these lovely stockists here.  Happy sewing!
Rebecca x






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