Illustrated Calendar and New Work

I’ve been busy creating lots of new work lately and it feels great that it’s work that I can share with you all as it’s so often not the case!  Opening my new Etsy shop has given me lots of motivation and inspiration for new designs and products and even a new sense of purpose too when creating my designs.  Although I’m busy working on freelance projects as well, which I love, it’s also nice to have a reason to create new work for me too.  It is important to keep creating new work so your portfolio is fresh and up to date as you never know when you will get asked to show your latest work but this feels different in that it’s not just speculative and I can see the end result very quickly and get feedback almost immediately, which is invaluable in itself.  It’s still early days with my shop but I’ve had a few sales already and the feedback has been amazing! It also feels very liberating being able to share my latest work with everyone too, so I thought I’d share one of my most recent accomplishments here, my new Illustrated Wall Calendar.

Illustrated Calendar © Rebecca Stoner

I’m particularly proud of this creation as it contains 12 different illustrations all hand drawn by yours truly!  Now I’m mainly known for my pattern design but I also love to illustrate too….what I didn’t realise was just how much!  It was quite daunting at first, thinking that I had 12 different designs to create in such a short space of time but once I got going and set myself a theme it all seemed to flow.

Illustrated Calendar © Rebecca Stoner

Each month has a different ‘story’ behind it and I used the time of year and the month to inspire me, so hopefully each one feels relevant once you turn the page!  Some are more story based than others, like the April Showers illustration above and Beside The Seaside for August shown below……

Illustrated Calendar © Rebecca Stoner


….and others have a slightly more pattern feel to them like this one for September….

Illustrated Calendar

….but all of them have been created with lots of thought, love and of course fun!  I really do love them all but if I had to pick one, I think November is my favourite, not just because it’s the month of my Birthday (more about that next week when I’ll be doing a special giveaway to celebrate!) but because it has my lovely lurcher Bertie in it (he’s becoming quite famous you know!) and I’ve used one of my surface patterns as wallpaper. I also love the detail of the jumper and the winter woollies that I think help give a real story to it.  What do you think?

Illustrated Calendar © Rebecca Stoner


I’d love to know what you think to my latest work so please do let me know in the comments below.  If you’ve enjoyed looking at the illustrations then you can also see the rest of the 12 months here and here and I’ve also created a Patterned Wall Calendar too which you can see here.   I’ll let you all know more about my Birthday giveaway next week so keep an eye out for the post!
Rebecca x


  1. Vivien Scane says

    Fabulous work Rebecca! Your illustrations are beautiful and very inspiring. Keep up the good work, and keep up with the illustrations especially, you have a real talent for these.


    • Rebecca says

      Thank you that’s very kind! I’m really enjoying doing the illustrations so will definitely keep them up, just better make sure I don’t neglect my patterns in the process!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you very much Julia! I’m really glad you enjoyed the designs and in particular the winter illustrations :-)

  2. says

    What a lovely calendar! I especially love September and of course Bertie. I might have to use Floss as inspiration for something now! Best of luck with selling it, I’m sure it will do well for you. I had a look at your Etsy shop yesterday and it is full of gorgeous stuff. Love those notebooks! x

    • Rebecca says

      Aww thanks Lesley, I love the Bertie illustrations too! I’ve surprised myself at drawing him as it’s never occurred to me before but now I can’t stop! You should definitely draw Floss, it’s so nice seeing them coming to life as you draw. Thanks for your lovely comments about my Etsy shop too. I hope you do well with your as well!x

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