Surtex and Representation!

Finally I can shout about this!! I am so happy to announce that I'm now represented by the lovely team at MHS Licensing  AND my brand new portfolio will be at Surtex in New York in 10 days time!!!  I'm so excited as this is two dreams come true all at once! These have been two of the biggest secrets I've had to keep and it's been so hard not … [Read more...]

Floral Bird Collection

Floral Bird Collection by Rebecca Stoner

I've been giving my portfolio here on the website a bit of an early Spring clean and thought I'd share my pretty new Floral Bird Collection with you.  I love this mini-collection as it's so bright and cheerful and combines two of my favourite things to draw - flowers and birds!  I started off creating this card design with the main focus being on … [Read more...]

Overcome Creative Block With A Little Art

Overcome Creative Block with A Little Art by Rebecca Stoner

Over the last week I've been taking part in a lovely project started by the very talented Victoria Johnson called A Little Art and thought it would be fun to share what I've been creating.  I've been feeling a bit 'stuck' lately and suffering from what you might call creative block.  I had ideas for what I wanted to create but every time I sat down … [Read more...]

Spoonflower Fabric8 Contest

For the first time ever I've decided to enter the annual Spoonflower Fabric8 Contest which this year has the theme of a Botanical Sketchbook.  I thought it would be fun to share how I went about creating the design for my entry and share more of an insight into how I work (just like I did in a previous post From Sketch To Collection) but first I … [Read more...]

Sparkly New Website – I’m Back!

Rebecca Stoner Surface Pattern Design_Blog

At last I'm back and even better than that, is that I'm back with my sparkly new website!  It's taken a bit of doing and taken much longer than I'd hoped (and quite a bit of stress but that's a whole other story!) but hey, I'm here now!  I love my new site and really hope you do too.  I really wanted it to feel fresh, inspiring and welcoming, full … [Read more...]

From Sketch To Collection

From Sketch To Collection by Rebecca Stoner

I thought it was a good time to write the next blog post in my 'Working In Surface Pattern Design' series so in this post I'll show you how I go from a sketch to collection.  I get a lot of emails from students, graduates and new business start-ups asking me all about my work and how I got started but I think one of the most popular questions is … [Read more...]

Happy May!

Happy May by Rebecca Stoner

Wow, another month has just flown by!  It feels like it's been a really productive month and it's certainly been another busy one as I've gained some lovely new clients and some exciting new projects to work on!  I'm loving how varied the projects are too, for example, a lasercut wood project which I finished the other week (hoping to have photos … [Read more...]

Yorkshire Kimono – Fashion City York

Fashion City York - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

I hope you had a lovely Easter and you're enjoying the Spring sunshine we've been getting lately.  I have some exciting news to share with you about a wonderful project I collaborated on recently.  You may remember a little while ago that I shared a sneaky peek of a fabric design I was working on which featured Whippets and Roses?  Well I can … [Read more...]

Re-discovering Collage and Planning Ahead

Re-discovering Collage and Planning Ahead - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Last week was a relatively quiet one for me in terms of freelance projects.  A lot of the projects I've had on recently have finished, or are finishing around the same time which has meant that I've had a bit more 'free time' to start thinking about my own work again.  Although I love being busy and that's what I'm working towards all the time, … [Read more...]

Art Daily Project 2015 – Week 10

Art Daily Project Week 10 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

I thought it would be nice to do a round up of last weeks #artdaily2015 drawings on Instagram.  I'm gradually trying to get back into it and managed to share 4 drawings last week.  The project has really gained momentum now and we have gained lots of new followers and also loads of new designers participating and sharing their daily creative … [Read more...]

My Journey (so far) in Surface Pattern Design

I often get asked how I started out in Surface Pattern Design, how I get my work, where I get my inspiration from and much, much more.  A lot of the time these questions are asked by students studying Surface Pattern Design or Graduates who have just finished their courses and are stepping out into the industry.  I also get lots of emails and … [Read more...]

Laser Cut Metal Panels

I've been working on another lovely commission for York Hospital recently.  I've created surface pattern designs that have been laser cut out of metal which will be installed as wall panels in the Breast Imaging Department in the Magnolia Centre, which is part of the Cancer Care Centre. I always enjoy these type of commissions as I get to work … [Read more...]

Prairie fabric has arrived!

That's right, the actual Prairie fabric has started to arrive with the stockists!  It wasn't expected in until later on this month so it was an unexpected but fantastic surprise to find out it was here.  It's been amazing to see the photos of the fabric that some of the stockists have been posting online and to share in their excitement as they can … [Read more...]

Prairie Collection now on Dashwood Studio website

Yes, that's right! I am so excited to see that my Prairie collection is now up on the Dashwood Studio website!  I have to admit I did let out a little squeal when I saw it because until now it's all felt very surreal.  Those of you who follow my blog will know that this is something I've dreamed about since starting my career in Surface Pattern … [Read more...]

Prairie Sketches

Not long now until my Prairie fabric with Dashwood Studio is on the shelves and I just can't wait!  In the meantime I thought you might like to find out more about how I came up with the actual designs.  I love looking in other designer's sketchbooks so I thought it would be fun to share some images from my own sketchbook! Well I say sketchbook but … [Read more...]

Prairie Collection with Dashwood Studio

I can't even begin to tell you all how excited and happy I am about what I'm about to tell you.....I have my first licensed fabric collection coming out with the wonderful Dashwood Studio!  It has been a dream of mine since I began my career in Surface Pattern Design to have my own named collection of fabrics and I am so pleased it is with such a … [Read more...]

Butterfly Garden

Well after the excitement of yesterday's announcement about one of my latest licensing partnerships and sharing that some of my designs are now available on roller blinds through S-Blinds, I thought it would be nice to share some more brand new designs with you.  I recently created a new collection called "Butterfly Garden" which is one of my first … [Read more...]

New Work – Sneaky Peek

Well before Christmas I kept promising you that I would have some exciting news to share and although I can't tell you everything just yet, I can share a sneaky peek with you!  Over the last 6 months or so I've worked really hard building my portfolio of designs and developing lots of new collections which I've really enjoyed and it's starting to … [Read more...]

Tropical Fusion Logo

With only a few days until the launch of the Tropical Fusion Blog Hop I thought it would be nice to share some behind the scenes peeks with you all, in particular, how our wonderful blog hop logo came about.  It was created and designed by the super talented artist and designer Lisa Rivas.  She has put together a lovely blog post about the … [Read more...]

Blog Hop!

I'm really excited to be taking part in the upcoming 'Tropical Fusion' Blog Hop this coming weekend (18th - 21st January)!  I am one of 45 surface pattern designers that has created a brand new collection of designs inspired by all things Tropical and incorporating Pantone's colour of the year, which is Radiant Orchid!   I shared a sneaky peek of … [Read more...]

Tropical sneaky peek

This week is my first full week back at work and I have to admit it feels good to be back into a routine.  It's been lovely to have a break but I've been quite excited to get back as I've got some really lovely projects to start the year off.  One of them has a tropical theme, combined with Pantone's colour of the year, Radiant Orchid.  Now I love … [Read more...]

Little Lucie

It was  my lovely little Niece's first birthday last weekend and I wanted to do her something really special and seeing as the last patterned/illustrated initial I created for my Goddaughters Christening present went down so well, I decided to do the same for Lucie.  It was all drawn and illustrated by hand first and then pops of colour were added … [Read more...]

New Commission – Laser Cut Metal

I got an exciting email last thing yesterday which I had been waiting eagerly for, with my fingers & toes crossed (not the most comfortable way to spend the day!)!  It was confirmation of a new commission and the particularly exciting part is that it is going to be in laser cut metal!  Although I have carried out a few projects now with metal, … [Read more...]

Find New Designers & LWB

I've been busy working away on building up my portfolio recently and realised I hadn't actually shared any new work for a little while.  It's been a big subject of discussion between many fellow designers about whether we should freely show our newest work to the public or keep it private for potential clients.  One argument is that it's best to … [Read more...]

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook…

I thought it would be nice for me to share some pages out of my Sketchbook.  In a recent post about the Dementia Ward project that I worked on, I shared some of the drawings that I created and the design development process that went towards creating the finished designs.  I got such good feedback on this post and a  lot of people seemed to enjoy … [Read more...]

Keka Case

I'm very excited to finally be able to tell you all about my newest licensing project which is with Keka Case. They are an online retailer based in the beautiful San Francisco that specialises in producing design led iPad and Kindle cases.  Keka say their goal was "to create an iPad and Kindle case that is so beautiful that you’ll want one to match … [Read more...]


As a designer I get asked quite frequently where I get my inspiration from.  The short answer to this is everywhere!  Of course, some places, objects and colours inspire me more than others but inspiration can strike anywhere and when you're not even looking for it.  The colours of pebbles on the beach, shadows and silhouettes of leaves on a wall, … [Read more...]

New Work

Following all the hard work of the big project that was my first ever Look Book, I've been busy building and developing my collections.  Putting the Look Book together has been a great way for me to really look closely at what designs I have in my Portfolio, what areas are my strongest and which areas might need work.  The Look Book was only really … [Read more...]

Surface Pattern Look Book

I've not posted in a little while because I've been busy working on a few projects, one of them I'm going to share with you here.  I've been creating a 'Look Book' of my designs.  It's been a great way of showcasing my designs and helping potential clients to visualise how they may look on products.  For those of you who don't already know, a Look … [Read more...]

New Designs – Tigerprint Competition

It's always lovely to be able to share new designs with you all and it's even better when there are two, which is what I have for you today! I decided to enter the latest Tigerprint competition  which was for a Female Surface Pattern design that could be used across a wide range of products such as, Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper, Stationery Products … [Read more...]

New Work, New Collection, New Direction

I've been thinking a lot lately about the direction of my work.  I'm very fortunate in that I have different streams to my business; I work with an agent who promotes and sells my bedding and wallpaper designs, I work directly with clients to create designs for their products, I work on large-scale architectural commissions often for public … [Read more...]