Illustrated Advent 2015 – Day 17

Apologies but I'm a bit behind with my blog postings, so it's a double post for the Illustrated Advent 2015 today!  Day 17's  prompt was Hot Chocolate and I loved drawing this one, in fact I'm really enjoying doing all of these!  I mentioned over on Instagram that I was always an Adobe Illustrator kind of girl but this year I've been using … [Read more...]

Illustrated Advent 2015 – Day 7

It's going to be a double posting today as I'm a little behind with the Illustrated Advent 2015 - Day 7 but I hope you won't be disappointed!  Day 7's prompt was Snowman so I decided to go with a rather dapper looking chap all dressed up and ready to hit the town for his Christmas night out!  I'm also out tonight for my yearly 'self-employed … [Read more...]

Illustrated Advent 2015 – Day 5

Illustrated Advent 2015 day 5 by Rebecca Stoner

Happy weekend! It's day 5 of the Illustrated Advent 2015 and today's prompt was Greeting, so I chose to illustrate the word Joy!  It's starting to gain momentum now and lots of other designers are starting to take part.  You can see all the different designs on Instagram using the hashtag #illustratedadvent2015 or by following each individual … [Read more...]

Illustrated Advent Challenge 2015

Illustrated Advent Challenge day 1 by Rebecca Stoner

It's that time of year again lovely people - time for the Illustrated Advent Challenge 2015!  I look forward to this challenge as it pushes me to design quickly to a brief everyday and I love being able to share what I've done but it also gets me in a state of panic at managing to fit it in alongside all my 'real' work!  For those of you that … [Read more...]