Fab Friday Finds – Week 22 – Folky Love

Fab Fridday Finds - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

I've just about recovered from all my Birthday celebrations at the weekend with this week having gone by in haze of cards, flowers, chocolates and a big freelance project I've been working on. I'm certainly ready for the weekend again but this one will be much quieter I'm sure! This week's Fab Friday Finds is inspired by one of my favourite … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 21 – It’s My Party!

Fab Friday Finds - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

As you've probably already guessed, this week's Fab Friday Finds has been inspired by my imminent Birthday!  Just in case you've been asleep or locked away for the last few days and managed to miss all my posts on social media and here on the Blog (lucky you!), I'm celebrating a rather significant Birthday on Saturday and to celebrate I'm having a … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 20 – Pretty Pastels

Happy Friday! I'm certainly ending this week on a high after my feature on the wonderful Print and Pattern Blog, so I'm hoping you're going to love this week's Fab Friday Finds as much as I do.....it's all about Pretty Pastels! I couldn't resist sharing these beautiful finds with you.  In fact, I found it so hard to narrow it down to just 4 this … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 19 – Neon Geometrics

Where did the last week go?! It's flown by in a haze of  drawing, dog walking, drawing and then even more drawing! I've been working on a new illustrated calendar for my Etsy shop. I've already got a patterned one in there but as my illustrations seem to be quite popular, I thought it would be fun to create another one full of pretty illustrations … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 16 – Watercolour

Happy Friday! This week has flown by and if you managed to catch my previous post you'll know it's because I've been busy working on a collection of Art Prints that will be available very soon but I've managed to squeeze in this weeks Fab Friday Finds!  I'm currently crushing on Watercolours at the moment.  Now I do have a confession to make, I've … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 15 – Tour de France

So just to confuse you all, I'm posting last weeks Fab Friday Finds today!  I really wanted to do a Tour de France themed FFF and although I did post my "Hello July" bicycle illustration on Friday (loosely inspired by the Tour de France!) I wanted to share a few of the fun, bike inspired things I spotted over the weekend.  The 2nd stage of the Tour … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 14 – Tropical

This week's Fab Friday Finds has gone all Tropical!  I'm not a football lover but as it's the World Cup at the moment I felt it was only right that I should embrace the Brazilian tropical/carnival spirit, so I thought it would be fun to use Tropical prints as the theme for this week. You might remember that way back in January a group of around 45 … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 13 – Indigo

Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a good week.  I've been drawing and painting florals this week and have produced some pretty new designs which I hope to share with you very soon.  This weeks Fab Friday Finds is all about Indigo.  It's going to be a huge trend for Autumn/Winter 2014/15 but it's already around everywhere on anything from ceramics … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 12 – Ceramics

This weeks Fab Friday Finds is all about Ceramics.  I love how pattern can transform products and I'm always drawn to products with pattern on. Well actually, I'm usually drawn to anything with pattern on but I'm particularly drawn to Ceramics at the moment because we're going to be fitting a new kitchen at home soon (I've been waiting a long time … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 11 – Colour Love!

Happy Friday!  At last it's a gorgeous sunny day here today and what perfect timing as this weeks Fab Friday Finds is dedicated to Colour Love but more specifically, bright, summery Colour Love!  I'm currently busy working away on some new collections (more about that soon!) and because I've been putting colour palettes together this week my eyes … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 10 – Maryanne Moodie

This weeks Fab Friday Finds is slightly different.  I recently discovered the beautiful work of New York based Weaver Maryanne Moodie over on Pinterest and felt I just had to share it with you and even dedicate a whole FFF to it.  Her woven pieces of art are inspired by "contemporary art, couture, architecture and her nostalgia of days gone by".  … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 8 – Laser Cutting

It's been a busy but exciting week co-ordinating the manufacture and delivery of my laser cut metal wall panels for York Hospital ready for installation next week.  As the photos I shared of the panels went down so well, I thought I'd keep with the theme of laser cutting/paper cutting for this weeks Fab Friday Finds.  I love the delicate effect … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 6 – Folky

This week's Fab Friday Finds is inspired by all things Folky.  I love this theme and many of my designs have been inspired by looking at beautiful folk inspired imagery.  Anything from embroidery to ceramics can be found decorated with gorgeous folky flowers, pretty patterned birds or folky geomtric tiled patterns.  I also love pinning anything … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 5 – Woodland

It's that time of the week again....Friday! Yay! That's good for two reasons, it means it's very nearly the weekend and secondly it's time for my Fab Friday Finds post!  To make it even more fun this week I decided to ask you all if there were any particular themes you'd like me to cover.  There were some requests for squirrels and owls over on … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 4 – Easter Eggs

I can't quite believe it's Friday again already and I'm feeling quite guilty that the last post on here is last weeks Fab Friday Finds!  I do have a good excuse though, in case you missed it (!), my Prairie Fabric hit the shelves last week and it's been none-stop since! The response has been amazing and I've loved seeing all the beautiful things … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – Week 2 – Birds

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this week's Fab Friday Finds. This is where I showcase a selection of my favourite patterned finds of the week and this week has a birdy theme.  I love designs that incorporate birds in them, so much so that I dedicate a whole Pinterest Board to the feathered friends!   This weeks picks don't just include … [Read more...]

Fab Friday Finds – week 1 – Spring

Welcome to the first ever "Fab Friday Finds"!  I'm so glad you've joined me for this brand new, regular feature and I really hope you enjoy it.  I discover so many gorgeous images during the course of my week, whether it's on Pinterest, social media or just in my work research and I thought it would be nice to be able to share some of my favourites … [Read more...]