Happy May!

Happy May by Rebecca Stoner

Wow, another month has just flown by!  It feels like it's been a really productive month and it's certainly been another busy one as I've gained some lovely new clients and some exciting new projects to work on!  I'm loving how varied the projects are too, for example, a lasercut wood project which I finished the other week (hoping to have photos … [Read more...]

Laser Cut Metal Panels

I've been working on another lovely commission for York Hospital recently.  I've created surface pattern designs that have been laser cut out of metal which will be installed as wall panels in the Breast Imaging Department in the Magnolia Centre, which is part of the Cancer Care Centre. I always enjoy these type of commissions as I get to work … [Read more...]

New Commission – Laser Cut Metal

I got an exciting email last thing yesterday which I had been waiting eagerly for, with my fingers & toes crossed (not the most comfortable way to spend the day!)!  It was confirmation of a new commission and the particularly exciting part is that it is going to be in laser cut metal!  Although I have carried out a few projects now with metal, … [Read more...]

Cancer Care Entrance & Courtyard – Interview with Sue Lindley

Following on from my recent post about the Cancer Care Entrance and Courtyard project that I worked on (you can read about it here), I also wanted to share a bit more about the actual Courtyard design as this was the main feature of the whole project.  I thought it would be nice to interview the lovely Sue Lindley from Gardens Green Designs as she … [Read more...]

Dementia Ward Commission – Surface Patterns

Last week was such an amazing week as I got to see two huge and very special commissions draw to a close.  I was invited to attend the openings of both projects and felt privileged to be there and to have been part of it all.  One of them was the brand new Cancer Care Courtyard and Walkway which I'll write about in more detail and post lots of … [Read more...]

Pin Hop June – Find New Designers

Welcome to my Blog & to the first ever print & pattern Pinhop! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my Blog. I'm assuming most of you have found your way here via the wonderful Find New Designers - Pinhop June pinterest board I hope you've enjoyed your pattern journey so far and I'm sure you'll have been able to immerse yourself in … [Read more...]

Magnolia Window Vinyl

I'm currently working on a large project at York Hospital which you can read more about in detail here and here and consists of designs for window vinyl, laser-cut metal panels and gate designs to go in a new walkway and courtyard for the Cancer Care & Magnolia Centre.  The work is being carried out in different stages and over the weekend I … [Read more...]

Window Vinyl Designs – York Hospital

Some of you may have already read about the lovely project I'm working on for the Cancer Care Centre at York Hospital.  You can read all about it here so I won't go into loads of detail again about the actual commission but I did want to share with you some of the design development so far.  Although the whole commission is for the new Courtyard … [Read more...]

Exciting Opportunities

Well it's been quite a busy few weeks with lots of exciting new opportunities and projects starting up.  The first bit of exciting news that I'd like to share is that one of my favorite wallpaper companies have selected some of my work to feature in their latest collection!  It's a huge UK manufacturer that I've always admired and dreamt about … [Read more...]

Cancer Care Courtyard – York Hospital

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Well in fact, happy #TALKT!  As some of you may already know, I recently joined Twitter (yes I know, I was slow to catch on!) and today I discovered all about #TALKT (Take A Look Tuesday!) which is a way for artists, designers and makers to promote their own work and that of their fellow Creatives.  The idea is that when … [Read more...]