Animal Alphabet – Crocodile

I almost missed week 3 of my Animal Alphabet project so I’m sneaking in at the last minute with a couple of Crocodiles!  I actually did these designs a few weeks ago but have been that busy this week with my tax return that I nearly forgot to post them.  I had so much fun drawing crocodiles that I came up with two different designs.  First up is ‘Crocodile Rock’.  I think this one’s my favourite!

Crocodile Rock by Rebecca Stoner


I loved creating his character and was actually grinning the whole time I was drawing him!  I sketched him out in pencil first and then scanned it in and worked over it in Photoshop using some of my new brushes I was telling you about the other week.  Then I went on to create Mr ‘Cool Croc’.  I really like this one too and could imagine it on kid’s t-shirts or bags.

Cool Croc by Rebecca Stoner


What do you think to them?  Next up is D for…..Dog, Dolphin….?

Rebecca x

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