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Some of you may have already read about the lovely project I’m working on for the Cancer Care Centre at York Hospital.  You can read all about it here so I won’t go into loads of detail again about the actual commission but I did want to share with you some of the design development so far.  Although the whole commission is for the new Courtyard and Walkway at the Cancer Care Centre, it has been divided up into a number of different areas of artwork to make it easier for us to work on and for the staff at the Hospital too.

The actual Courtyard is being designed by Sue Lindley from Gardens Green Design but one of the first areas I was asked to work on was the windows that run along one side of the Courtyard which belong to the Children’s  Development Centre.  I’m creating surface pattern designs for window vinyl to go on the windows that will hopefully ehance the feel of the Courtyard but also offer some privacy to the staff and patients using the Centre.

Courtyard Space_1 Area where the new Courtyard will be developedCourtyard Space_2Run of windows to have window vinyl

I’ve already done the run of windows that are opposite these ones in a previous project so the design has to compliement the existing one.  I’ve also designed a lot window vinyl around different areas of the Hospital previously and the staff particularly liked my ‘Meadow Design’, which is currently in the Magnolia Building – Breast Imaging, Oncology and Ward 31 – Oncology.

Oncology WindowsMeadow Design in the Oncology Department, York Hospital

As it’s important to make sure the windows in the Children’s Development Centre aren’t too distracting and because the rooms will overlook the new Courtyard and they need privacy from visitors using the Courtyard, we decided it would be best to have a block of frosted opaque vinyl covering the bottom two thirds of the window with the meadow design ‘growing’ up through to the top as shown here in the design layout:Children's Centre Windows-01

So the white areas will be clear vinyl and the grey areas will be frosted opaque vinyl.  We’ve also been playing around with different tints of vinyl too.  They will be very similar to the finish in the photo above but I thought it might be nice to have a very subtle tint of a colour in there too, so we’re having some samples printed in the following colours:

Print Samples_KatSections of the actual design

Which colour tint do you prefer and think will look good? I’ll post a photo of the actual vinyl samples once they arrive and you can see how they turn out.  Keep checking back for more posts as the project progresses.


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