Tropical Fusion Blog Hop!

Welcome to my Blog and in particular a big welcome and thank you for joining in the Tropical Fusion Blog Hop!  I’m guessing that you’ve arrived here from the wonderful Onneke Van Waardenburg’s Blog?  If so, I hope you enjoyed looking at her lovely collection.  Or maybe you just stumbled across the Blog Hop by accident? Well lucky you as you’re definitely in for a treat!

Tropical Fushion Blog HopTropical Fusion Logo by Lisa Rivas

You can read more about Mary Tanana’s of Groovity Designs brilliant idea behind the Blog Hop here but for now I’d love it if you’d stay here a little while and have a look at my collection.

I’m a Surface Pattern Designer based in beautiful Yorkshire in the UK and have been creating patterns for textiles, wallpaper, homewares and much more for the last 8 years. To find out more about me and my work, then please feel free to browse my site but for now back to the Blog Hop!

I have to admit that the Tropical theme and Radiant Orchid colour was a little out of my comfort zone but once I got started and got my head round the idea that it was ok to put my own style into the tropical theme, I was soon flying (there’s a theme here!)!  I started my collection by building a Tropical Fusion moodboard over on Pinterest (for those of you who don’t already know me, I’m slightly obsessed with Pinterest!), this helped to gather my ideas and inspire my designs.

Tropical Fusion Moodboard by Rebecca Stoner

I’d love for you to pin and share any of the images in this post but please just keep the image descriptions with the pin, thank you!

I decided I wanted to base my collection around tropical birds (told you there was a theme!) and tropical flowers, so I began sketching out hummingbirds and tropical flowers.  I love the stunning colours in the hummingbirds and the fact that they’re so tiny and beautiful.

Hummingbird sketches © Rebecca Stoner Flower sketches © Rebecca Stoner

Next came the colours and bringing the design to life!  I played around with different colour palettes, (probably for too long!) ensuring that the Radiant Orchid shone through. I tried bold, striking colours and contrasting bright colours but finally settled on a more subtle palette that hopefully still feels tropical and is a little bit more ‘me’!  It’s a Design Seeds colour palette called Pistachio Hues

Tropical Fusion Colour Palette © Rebecca Stoner

The result was my main design “Hummingbirds”

Hummingbirds © Rebecca Stoner

I then developed the bird theme and created my first co-ordinate in the collection which is still  inspired by birds and is called “Tropical Feathers”.

Tropical Feathers © Rebecca Stoner

I then wanted a nice tropical feel geometric design to finish the mini-collection off…..

Tropical Geo © Rebecca Stoner

So here we have my brand new “Tropical Fusion” Collection!

Tropical Fusion Collection © Rebecca Stoner

I thought it would be fun to see what my new designs would look like on some products, what do you think?

Hummingbirds Wallpaper © Rebecca Stoner Geo Bedding © Rebecca Stoner Feathers Bag © Rebecca Stoner Geo Vest © Rebecca Stoner

Thank you for taking the time to look through my Tropical Fusion collection and I really hope you enjoyed it!  If you’d like to see more fabulous tropical inspired patterns then please head on over to the very talented Anna Berger’s Blog or if you prefer to start the hop from the beginning then you can hop on over to Groovity Designs. Either way, you’ll get to see the whole hop as it’s all linked! I hope you enjoy the ride!


  1. Vivien Scane says

    All beautiful designs. Soft yet vibrant and would make into lovely fabrics and wallpaper for a pretty bedroom.

  2. says

    Wow beautiful designs Rebecca! Your motifs are so delicate and the colours work so well together. I love the mock up’s to, it’s nice to see how they work on the products. A very big well done!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you very much Emma and thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your lovely comments :-) I really like the colourway too, it took me a while to get there but I’m glad I experimented!

  3. says

    Amazing!!! Those hummingbirds love those flowers and so do I.
    What a fabulous collection you created Rebecca, so concise and versatile. Beautiful, beautiful, love that you showed a bit of process and source of inspiration (Pinterest is the best!).
    Also your samples are to die for!
    I want that feather bag, the Hummingbird is my totem animal… so you guess it!
    Thanks for all your support and encouragement during and for this blog-hop.

    • Rebecca says

      Oh Lisa, you are too kind! Thank you so much for such lovely words about my work, it’s really appreciated :-) I think I’m definitely going to have to do something with the Tropical Feathers design as it’s proving quite popular! Hummingbirds are so beautiful aren’t they? Their colours are just amazing, I just hope I did them justice! Thank you also for all you’ve done towards the Blog Hop by designing the beautiful logo. Hope you have a good one!

    • Rebecca says

      Ah thanks Bethania! I always love seeing other designers sketches and work processes so thought it would be nice to share

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks Nina, I’m glad you like them. I’ve already been pinning your fab designs to my Tropical Fusion pinterest board!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks very much Daniela. I love doing the mock-ups as I think it really brings the designs to life. I saw your lovely designs yesterday and I’m going through the hop again today to leave comments. Hope it’s been a good one for you!x

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you Ludmila! I’m glad you like the feather print….it seems to be quite popular!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks Mary! As soon as the Hummingbird design was finished I knew I just had to put it onto a wall! Thank you also for all your hard work and making this fantastic experience possible. Nothing that we’ve asked for has been too much for you (or you’ve hidden it well!) and it’s been a great experience!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks so much Maike! I really appreciate you persevering with trying to a post a comment as well, as I know you’ve had difficulties with it!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you Dawn, the Feather design, especially on that bag is getting a lot of love!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks so much Marie for your lovely feedback, I appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed the collection!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you Lindsey! I’m really pleased that you like the colour palette so much as that was the one thing I toyed over the longest!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks Ellie, I really appreciate your lovely feedback! Thanks also for trying again with posting the comment!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you so much Maggie, I’m really pleased you enjoyed the collection and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment

  4. says

    Hi Rebecca, Your collection is very pretty and delicate, and the mock ups look fantastic! I really love the feather tote.
 Great job!

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you Wini! I’m really pleased you like the collection, especially the feather tote!