Tis the Season….

It’s fast approaching Christmas at a scary rate this year (although I seem to say that every year at this time!) so I thought I would get into the spirit of things and share some festive designs! It’s turning out to be an amazing end to the year for me & my work, as I’m busy at the moment working on a couple of really exciting projects and collaborations which I’m desperate to share with you all but I’m afraid I can’t just yet.  I’m hoping to be able to do so before Christmas so watch this space as I think (and I’m hoping!) you’ll really love them!

So in the meantime…..I was recently going through my old design files and stumbled across some Christmas designs I did for a client a few years ago but that were never used.  Sometimes when I look back over older work I feel it can look a bit dated as the designs are often created for a certain brief or trend for a client and my style has developed since but with these two particular designs I didn’t get that feeling and I actually think they feel quite current and relevant! I love the texture I’ve used in both the designs, particularly combined with the hand drawn feel of the Robins design.  What do you think? I hope you like them!

Robins_Rebecca Stoner“Robins” by Rebecca Stoner

Woodland Christmas_Rebecca Stoner“Woodland Christmas” by Rebecca Stoner

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