Sneaky Peek – Design Development

I thought it might be nice for you if I shared some visuals of how some of my designs are developed.  For those of you interested in Surface Pattern Design I thought it might offer an insight into how designs can be created.  There are many different techniques that designers (including me) will use to create designs, such as working straight onto the computer using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) package such as Illustrator or Photoshop, or often we will either draw or ‘mark make’ by hand first and then take our sketches/patterns/textures into CAD later on. It will depend a lot on the type of design I am wanting to create, the client and their product and customer and what feel I want to create, as to what technique I use each time.  As I’m from a screen printing background I love to use hand printing techniques to create shapes, patterns and textures which I then scan into Illustrator or Photoshop to work into them further and develop the final design.  I prefer this method as I feel it gives the final design more depth and interest.  I’ll also often draw motifs and patterns by hand first using fine-liner pens and markers before scanning them in and this is the method I used with the designs I’m sharing the ‘sneak peek’ of today.

Design Development_1Design 1 – Before

Design Development_coloured_1

Design 1 – After

In the design shown above you can see in the first image how I’ve hand drawn elements of the design first using black pens.  I actually start off in pencil and then go over the drawing once I’m happy with it, just in case I make a mistake!  The drawing is then scanned into CAD where it is coloured, given texture and the layout of the design is built.  You can also see this process from this second design too:

Design Development_2Design 2 – Before

Design Development_coloured_2Design 2 – After

Again, you can see how I’ve started off by hand drawing the elements of the design and then taken them into the computer to colour and ‘build’ the design.  These two designs are actually brand new (so it really is a sneaky peek for you!) and are for a bedding client.  Brighter colours tend to sell better with bedding as a lot of it is sold online so the designs need to stand out in the photographs.  Fingers crossed the client likes them!  I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look into how I work and create and I’d love to hear what you think!

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