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I received such wonderful comments and feedback on my Blog post about the Dementia Ward project last week, all by fellow designers, that I thought it would be fun to share their own Blogs with you all as a little way of saying thank you to them.  Some of the them are Blogs that I read regularly and knew about already and some are new one’s that I’ve discovered since their lovely writers took the time to post their comments on my Blog.  So, in no particular order as they say, here are five Blogs that I think you might enjoy!

Emma Frances DesignsEmma Frances DesignsI’ve been following Emma’s Blog for quite a while now and I’m always very impressed by how often she posts! What I love most about Emma’s blog is that it’s a really personal, friendly and down to earth account of her life as a designer.  She also talks quite often about things in her personal life as well, so you really feel like you get to know her but she always seems to make it relevant to her journey as a fellow surface pattern designer.  Emma also has a regular Designer Feature on her blog where she points the spotlight on a chosen designer with a lighthearted interview and lots of lovely images.  I was delighted to be featured on it earlier this year!

The Original ThreadOriginal ThreadMelanie’s Blog is another one that I follow regularly and it’s one that is always updated very often.  What I like about Melanie’s Blog is that there is always something different on there and she’s not scared to try things out and share her experience with you.  She never fails to impress me with the amount of enthusiasm and creativity she has!  Her Blog is also a very honest and down to earth account of her daily journey as a designer-maker and she always takes the time to support other designers and their blogs by regularly posting, liking or sharing other people’s work!

Surface HugSurface HugTrina’s Blog is a newly discovered one for me.  I can’t believe I’ve not actually come across it before as I already ‘know’ her online through a fab surface pattern design group we’re both members of, so it was nice to be able to take a peek behind the scenes! By her own admission her Blog is a lovely combination of colour and all things flowery! We certainly share a passion for flowers and I really love her floral patterns.  Trina shares her experience of the different courses she’s taking part in and also posts lots of her development work which I really enjoyed.  I really like the way she writes on her blog, as if she’s actually talking to you and how her humour always comes through.

Finch FiveFinch FiveFinch Five is the studio name of Surface Pattern Designer Lesley Todd and is another newly discovered Blog for me.  Lesley is also a member of the same online group of designers and Blogs about her different experiences and inspirations along her way.  Visiting her Blog gave me the opportunity to also check out her amazing, retro feel designs too, which I really loved! On her Blog you will find posts about what inspires her, whether it’s a trip to London or the Fairground, all of which are always caught on camera!

PatternmusePatternMuseIf you love colour and pattern then you’ll love Jan Shepherd’s Blog Patternmuse! I love how her Blog features lots of her own patterns and work in progress.  You really get an insight into her work and the processes behind it.  I also love how detailed and layered her designs are and how you find something new the more you look.  Her Blog is also an account of what she’s been up to in her own life and her journey as a designer and is another one that’s really easy to read, giving you a real feel for who she is.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my mini Blog tour and that I’ve introduced you to some new Blogs and designers.  I’ve certainly enjoyed reviewing them and discovering more about each one!  I’d love to know what you think and also hear about other good Blogs you’ve discovered lately and how you’ve discovered them.


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