Re-discovering Collage and Planning Ahead

Last week was a relatively quiet one for me in terms of freelance projects.  A lot of the projects I’ve had on recently have finished, or are finishing around the same time which has meant that I’ve had a bit more ‘free time’ to start thinking about my own work again.  Although I love being busy and that’s what I’m working towards all the time, after such a busy start to the year it has been nice to be able to slow the pace down a little…..but ssshhhh just don’t tell anyone!

I’ve been looking at my plans for the year ahead and where I want my business to go and one of the big things on my list has been to update my private portfolio (the one I show to clients).  This is something I aim to do constantly but sometimes when I’m busy with freelance work and my Etsy shop it takes a bit of a back seat. However, I did get chance to give my public portfolio a bit of spruce up and I’ve added some new designs in there too, including this pretty Spring Floral design.

Spring Floral Bedding by Rebecca Stoner

Spring Floral Bedding by Rebecca Stoner

Artdaily2015 has been a great way for me to create new work without really thinking too much about it, even if it’s just been the odd sketch which sparks an idea for a design later on.  Last week I felt I wanted to have a go at something a bit different from my usual black pen drawings , so I got out the coloured paper!

Collage work_Rebecca Stoner

Now I did do quite a lot of collage work as part of my design development at College but it tended to be quite abstract and textural and involved lots of tissue paper and watered down pva glue (?!) but this time I thought it would be fun to use the coloured paper to create shapes and motifs similar to those I would normally either draw by hand or create directly on the computer.  So I started developing little sections of design ideas.

Collage Flowers by Rebecca Stoner


As well as just building up some compositions with the coloured paper, I liked how I could also work on top of the motifs with my fineliners to create some more detailed line work.

Collage Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

I also loved the colours but I’ll let you into a little secret….the papers I used for these collages are just scraps of paper I already had, like coloured envelopes or bits of packaging that I was going to recycle!  I just picked out the colours that I thought went well together.

Collage Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

I did also go back to a little of my trusty fineliner detailed work though…

Stitchy Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

The best bit about all this new collage work is that I’ve used it already to create two brand new collections from it!  I’d love to share it with you but I’m afraid it’s gone straight into my private portfolio.  Hopefully you’ll see it eventually on a product somewhere and I’ll be back saying “remember that collage work I did….”!  It’s really inspired me to keep experimenting and I’m intending on taking a trip to my local craft store this week to stock up on lovely coloured paper so I can really build on the technique, so watch this space!

Have a great week,
Rebecca x

Have you been experimenting with any different techniques lately?  What unexpected developments have you had with your work recently?  I’d love to hear about them so please do share your experiences in the comments below 🙂

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