Pretty Florals and New Pens!

Following on from last weeks experimenting with collage, for #artdaily2015 I have been trying out some of my other new art supplies and have fallen in love with coloured marker pens!  I had used marker pens years ago at college but that was more for technical drawing and product design (in the foundation year of my course) but recently I’ve been using them to create lots of pretty florals.

Marker Pen Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

I love how they can look like watercolours but can be a quicker way to work.  I started out just by using the coloured pens on their own so the finished result was very delicate.

Marker Pen Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

Then I began drawing on top of the marker drawings with my fineliner pens to add some detail and discovered I really liked the effect it gave.

Blue Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

I’ve loved working this way so much that I now have pages and pages in my sketchbook of flowers drawn using the new pens!  I initially bought a set of 24 pens but felt a little limited with the colours that are in there as some of them aren’t really colours that I’m drawn to, so I ordered some more!  They’re  not cheap but I see it as an investment….well that’s what I’ve been telling myself anyway!

Marker Pen Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

This has been quite a different way of working for me as I normally tend to draw in black pen, scan my drawings and then colour them on the computer but this way I’m adding the colours before I take it into the computer.  I can still change or tweak the colours if they don’t look quite right once I’ve scanned them in but it feels good to actually see colour on the page.  I’ve still been working in collage too and have been switching between the two.  I’ve already got a few brand new collections finished which I’m really pleased with.

Collage Flowers by Rebecca Stoner

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