New Year, New Work

Well the New Year has definitely started now and I hope it’s been a good start for you all.  Normally I can feel quite deflated in January as it’s still cold and dark and Summer seems such a long way off but this year I was really excited to get back into my studio and start work again.

I ended the year on such a high with my new Etsy shop doing so much better than I could ever have hoped, that I fully expected the beginning of the year to start slowly and feel very quiet after the busy run up to Christmas but as soon as I set my little shop back to ‘open’ again the orders began flowing in! I couldn’t believe it when, within a couple of hours of it being open, my phone began to make that amazing ‘kerching’ sound (that’s the sound of the Etsy app when you make a sale!) and I was back busily printing and packing orders again.  I’m really grateful for each and every sale that I make so if you are one of those lovely customers, THANK YOU!

Thank You by Rebecca Stoner

I’ve got lots of exciting plans for my business this year which I can’t wait to share with you but for some of them it will take a little time until they’re ready to share.  To start off with though I’ve been adding some new designs to my shop.  They’re mostly Valentines Day cards but I like the fact that they’re not just specifically for Valentines and could be used anytime of the year.  Like this dapper little chap…..

Hey Foxy by Rebecca Stoner

Meet Mr Fox!

and how about this cuddly fella?

I Can't Bear To Be Without You by Rebecca Stoner

don’t you just want to give him a hug?

There’s also this pretty Love Birds card too….

Love Birds by Rebecca Stoner

I’ve also been experimenting more with hand drawn type/lettering and different textures recently.  I love how this heart has a watercolour feel to it….

'Be My Valentine' watercolour heart by Rebecca Stoner


But I couldn’t not create some new designs without featuring my scruffy boy Bertie on one of them could I?!  That’s the dog on there I’m talking about in case you were wondering!

Couple with Lurcher by Rebecca Stoner


I hope you like my new work as I’ve really enjoyed creating it and I’d love to know what you think.  There’s also more new designs in my shop if you wanted to have a look.

What new creative plans do you have for this year? Has your year started as you expected it to?  I’d love to hear about how you plan to keep the creativity flowing.  Let me know in the comments below.

Rebecca x

Ps.  Before I go I wanted to tell you about my new Art Daily project over on Instagram, where I create a small, quick piece of art/design each day in my sketchbook and share it.  It’s great because there’s no agenda or pressure and I can just be creative for the sake of it and have fun. It’s helped push me to experiment more with different techniques and will hopefully help me to develop my work more but that’s a whole other blog post, which I’ll be writing very soon!  You can find me on Instagram here and keep up with my creative project and other designers and artists that are also creating daily by searching the hashtag #artdaily2015 Hope to see you there!

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