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Well before Christmas I kept promising you that I would have some exciting news to share and although I can’t tell you everything just yet, I can share a sneaky peek with you!  Over the last 6 months or so I’ve worked really hard building my portfolio of designs and developing lots of new collections which I’ve really enjoyed and it’s starting to look like all the hard work is going to pay off. I’ve been collaborating with some really lovely companies and have managed to secure brand new licensing contracts where my designs will appear on their products.  I’m so excited about it all and it’s been really hard keeping it all a secret for so long but very soon I’ll be able to reveal who those companies are, what wonderful products it will be and the designs that are being used.  In the meantime I thought it would be nice to share one of the brand new designs that has been used!  It’s from my first ever kids collection which I’m really pleased with and it’s one of the main prints in the collection.

Butterflies © Rebecca Stoner

Butterflies by Rebecca Stoner

I really hope you like the design and I wonder if you can guess what type of product it’s going to be used on?!  I’m going to be previewing lots more new designs in the coming days and weeks so please do keep popping back to be the first to see them!



  1. says

    That’s lovely! My guess is that it’s for fabric. Am I right? I can also imagine it on a pair of wellies!! Not sure why that image has popped into my head! Can’t wait to find out who you’ve been working with. Exciting!! And congrats on your new collaborations too!

    • Rebecca says

      Thanks so much Lesley! Oooh you are very close! With the fabric that is, not the wellies :-) Although I’d love a pair of wellies with this pattern on for when I’m out with my dog getting soaked…..which is quite often lately!

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