New Commission – Laser Cut Metal

I got an exciting email last thing yesterday which I had been waiting eagerly for, with my fingers & toes crossed (not the most comfortable way to spend the day!)!  It was confirmation of a new commission and the particularly exciting part is that it is going to be in laser cut metal!  Although I have carried out a few projects now with metal, it’s not a material I get to work with that often, so when the opportunity comes up I grab it!

The commission is for York Hospital (again!) and is for more artwork to enhance the environment of the Magnolia Centre, specifically in the Breast Imaging Department.  The other year I worked on commissions to create designs for window vinyl and metal wall panels in the department which you can see here and this is a continuation of that project.  I went to a meeting on Wednesday to talk about the new project and the different options for materials that the artwork could be created in and we all agreed that metal would be our favourite choice.  However, as it’s a Hospital we had to check with the people at Infection Protection that the laser cut-outs in the metal wouldn’t pose any infection control issues so I was really happy to get the news yesterday that as the artwork isn’t going to be in a medical area we had the go ahead!

Although I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on so many wonderful projects at York Hospital, sometimes I do feel a little uncomfortable talking about it as I do worry what the public think about the money that is spent on the artworks.  However, after chatting this through with the Magnolia Centre Manager at the meeting, I was assured that all this kind of work is paid for purely by fundraising and donations and it is money that has been specifically requested to be used on such projects.  So I came away feeling a little easier about it all.

So, back to the project!  The space that I’m creating the designs for is a little tricky!  It’s a long corridor and the walls are red!  After viewing the space the other day I really felt that it was best to ‘use’ the red walls, rather than ignore them and incorporate them into the artwork and I felt the best way to do that was with a neutral/off white/cream powder coated finish to the metal panels, similar to the finish of the existing panels in the stairwell seen here  This will provide lovely areas of contrast between the red walls and the neautral metal in the cut-out areas of the pattern.Long Corridor wallThis is the Long Corridor that one of the metal panels will be created for.  My Magnolia Flower design is currently on the windows to the right.Reception Corridor wallAt the other end of the corridor near the reception desk, the second main wall panel will go above the radiator on the red wall and a third panel will be designed to go under the window to replace the canvas that is currently there.  We have talked about incorporating some kind of signage into this particular panel because it is directly opposite a door that leads to an imaging room and is the first thing that patients see when they leave the room and enter the corridor.  Again though, we have to gain approval for this and so are waiting to hear.  If we can’t incorporate some element of signage then it will become another patterned wall panel.Magnolia Window Vinyl_Rebecca StonerAll the wall panels will need to compliment and work with the existing window vinyl that I created the designs for the other year, as they will sit directly opposite and next to them.  Although I will need to make sure the artworks some how link with the window vinyl design, we all agreed that it would be nice that the panels are there own unique design in themselves and not just a replica of the window design.  I’m really happy about this as it means I get to create something new and different but it will be a challenge to come up with a design that ties in with the window vinyl design being is such close proximity but as I’ve said before, I enjoy a challenge!

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