Magnolia Window Vinyl

I’m currently working on a large project at York Hospital which you can read more about in detail here and here and consists of designs for window vinyl, laser-cut metal panels and gate designs to go in a new walkway and courtyard for the Cancer Care & Magnolia Centre.  The work is being carried out in different stages and over the weekend I popped down to see the latest installation of my work which was some window vinyl designs along the walkway.

Walkway Windows_1Cancer Care Centre & Magnolia Centre Walkway – Window Vinyl Designs

Walkway Windows_2Magnolia Flower design for the window vinyl

The team at York Hospital wanted the designs to take inspiration from the Centre’s name (Magnolia Centre) and also tie in with some previous wall panels I had designed for them which have been installed inside and you can see them here.

Walkway Windows_detail_1Design Detail

Walkway Windows_detail_2Design Detail of the Magnolia Flowers

We wanted the design to ‘lead’ you into the entrance by growing along the side of the building.  I am currently working on some designs for laser cut metal which will be very similar in style to the window vinyl and which will be fixed to the wall spaces in between the windows and which will also ‘grow’ up and around the entrance door.  I can’t wait to see how it all looks once it’s installed alongside the window vinyl!


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