Laser Cut Metal Panels

I’ve been working on another lovely commission for York Hospital recently.  I’ve created surface pattern designs that have been laser cut out of metal which will be installed as wall panels in the Breast Imaging Department in the Magnolia Centre, which is part of the Cancer Care Centre.

I always enjoy these type of commissions as I get to work with different types of materials and the team at York Hospital are a great team to work with.  The metal panels are going to be installed down a long corridor within the Breast Imaging Department, which already has my patterns on the windows in there.

Laser Cut Metal Panels © Rebecca Stoner

The corridor at York Hospital where the panels will be installed

The brief for the project was to create surface pattern designs for the metal, that would compliment the existing Magnolia patterns on the windows I had designed previously and help provide a point of interest and break up the long walk for patients and visitors travelling down the corridor to the main Reception area.  I wanted to create a pattern that was bold enough to be seen as people passed by but that on closer inspection, should a visitor want to stop or slow down, would reveal lots of interesting detail.  Visiting this particular department can be an anxious and unsettling time so we wanted to provide a visually pleasing distraction.

Laser Cut Metal Sketch © Rebecca Stoner

Initial pencil sketches of the metal panel designs

I began by sketching and drawing out the design in pencil.  I used the same Magnolia flower heads that appear in the window vinyl patterns but developed this design by creating additional flowers, leaves, butterflies and even bird motifs.  I then scanned the drawings into the computer and worked into them further.  The design, once finished, needed to be one continuous piece of vector artwork as the machine used to laser cut the metal follows the paths in the design.

Laser Cut Metal Artwork © Rebecca Stoner

A screen shot of the design being worked on in Illustrator

The finished panels have been laser cut out of steel as you can see in the pictures below but they’re also going to be powder coated in a cream/off white colour, which is being done as I type this very Blog post!  They’re being installed at the Hospital next week and I can’t wait to see them!

Laser Cut Metal Panels © Rebecca Stoner

One of the laser cut metal panels ready to be powder coated

Laser Cut Metal Panels © Rebecca Stoner

Detail of one of the laser cut metal panels

Laser Cut Metal Panels © Rebecca Stoner

Detail of second laser cut metal panel

I’m so pleased with the way the panels have turned out so far and the amazing amount of detail that was able to be achieved by laser cutting.  I even love them in the steel finish and could imagine them as gates, railings or even external artworks.

I really enjoy working with the laser cutting process and feel excited about the possibilities there could be for this type of work. What do you think to the panels and this process of working? What could you imagine this type of artwork being used for?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  I’ll be posting more photos next week of the finished panels all installed in their new home!


You can now read the follow up Blog Post about the installation of the panels and see lots of photos of them here and here.


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