As a designer I get asked quite frequently where I get my inspiration from.  The short answer to this is everywhere!  Of course, some places, objects and colours inspire me more than others but inspiration can strike anywhere and when you’re not even looking for it.  The colours of pebbles on the beach, shadows and silhouettes of leaves on a wall, patterned tiles on the floor of an old building, or ironwork on railings around a building or a park. Sometimes though they’re not as ‘pretty’ as that and I’ve been known to spend a whole morning wondering round a scrap yard taking photos of objects that other people have discarded!  I loved it!

Scrap YardScarp yard patterns

There is something about these images that still looks beautiful to me though don’t you agree? Or maybe you’ll just think I’m bonkers! On a more traditional theme, I was out walking yesterday evening with my dog in a small wood near where we live and I stumbled across so many beautiful things to photograph.  I hadn’t planned to go taking photos so these were just snapped with my phone but I think they still capture some lovely detail.  I can’t wait to start a new collection based on these!

Woodland BeautyWoodland Inspiration

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about what inspires me and I also hope these images inspire you as much as they have me. Where do you find your inspiration? I’d love to hear about what inspires you to be creative!