Fab Friday Finds – Week 7 – Sketchbooks

This week’s Fab Friday Finds is all about Sketchbooks! Who doesn’t love a good nosey in someone’s sketchbook? I know I do! Opening someone’s sketchbook for me is like opening up a secret box of treasure.  They hold so much beauty, creativity and potential. I find it so inspiring and interesting seeing how other designers begin their designs and document their thought processes, whether it’s in actual sketchbooks, or like me, on big pieces of paper.

Are they doodles or beginnings of designs? Are they personal thoughts like a visual journal? How did a doodle or quick sketch become a full fabric collection?  Such potential in each of those sketches.  So here are some favourites of mine that I’ve discovered on some of my favourite Blogs or over on Pinterest (another huge love of mine!)….oh and I sneaked one of mine in there too!

Fab Friday Finds - Week 7 - Sketchbooks - on Rebecca Stoner www.rebeccastoner.co.ukLesley Grainger’s Sketchbook
Julie Hamilton’s Sketches – Artistically Afflicted
Stephanie Thannhauser Sketchbook for Dashwood Studio
Rebecca Stoner’s Design Drawings for Dashwood Studio

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into some sketchbooks. I’d love to know what you think or how you sketch or document your design process. Are you a doodler or a sketcher? Do you journal your emotions through drawings or just plan out your designs and collections? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!


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