Surtex and Representation!

Finally I can shout about this!! I am so happy to announce that I'm now represented by the lovely team at MHS Licensing  AND my brand new portfolio will be at Surtex in New York in 10 days time!!!  I'm so excited as this is two dreams come true all at once! These have been two of the biggest secrets I've had to keep and it's been so hard not … [Read more...]

Summer Meadow Wallpaper Design For York Hospital

Earlier this year I was asked to work on a very special project.  The commission was to create a Summer Meadow wallpaper design for York Hospital which was to be installed in their Oncology waiting area.  The artwork was to be a memorial piece, commissioned by a lady whose husband had been a patient at the unit.  I felt very privileged to have been … [Read more...]

Business Birthday Giveaway!

I'm 10 years old this month!!  Well, my business is actually and to celebrate being here for 10 years I'm having a Business Birthday Giveaway!  I can't believe I've been doing Surface Pattern Design as a business for 10 whole years!  There's been A LOT of hard work, some amazing projects, wonderful clients, some tears, doubt and frustration but … [Read more...]

Spoonflower Fabric8 Contest

For the first time ever I've decided to enter the annual Spoonflower Fabric8 Contest which this year has the theme of a Botanical Sketchbook.  I thought it would be fun to share how I went about creating the design for my entry and share more of an insight into how I work (just like I did in a previous post From Sketch To Collection) but first I … [Read more...]

From Sketch To Collection

From Sketch To Collection by Rebecca Stoner

I thought it was a good time to write the next blog post in my 'Working In Surface Pattern Design' series so in this post I'll show you how I go from a sketch to collection.  I get a lot of emails from students, graduates and new business start-ups asking me all about my work and how I got started but I think one of the most popular questions is … [Read more...]

My Journey (so far) in Surface Pattern Design

I often get asked how I started out in Surface Pattern Design, how I get my work, where I get my inspiration from and much, much more.  A lot of the time these questions are asked by students studying Surface Pattern Design or Graduates who have just finished their courses and are stepping out into the industry.  I also get lots of emails and … [Read more...]