Partridge in a Pear Tree

Although there's not long until I finish for Christmas I'm still busy working away behind the scenes on some really exciting projects.  I was hoping to be able to announce them before Christmas but it's looking like it's going to have to be the New Year now but at least we'll start the New Year off with a bang!  I hope the last run up to Christmas … [Read more...]

Little Lucie

It was  my lovely little Niece's first birthday last weekend and I wanted to do her something really special and seeing as the last patterned/illustrated initial I created for my Goddaughters Christening present went down so well, I decided to do the same for Lucie.  It was all drawn and illustrated by hand first and then pops of colour were added … [Read more...]

Tis the Season….

It's fast approaching Christmas at a scary rate this year (although I seem to say that every year at this time!) so I thought I would get into the spirit of things and share some festive designs! It's turning out to be an amazing end to the year for me & my work, as I'm busy at the moment working on a couple of really exciting projects and … [Read more...]

New Commission – Laser Cut Metal

I got an exciting email last thing yesterday which I had been waiting eagerly for, with my fingers & toes crossed (not the most comfortable way to spend the day!)!  It was confirmation of a new commission and the particularly exciting part is that it is going to be in laser cut metal!  Although I have carried out a few projects now with metal, … [Read more...]

Find New Designers & LWB

I've been busy working away on building up my portfolio recently and realised I hadn't actually shared any new work for a little while.  It's been a big subject of discussion between many fellow designers about whether we should freely show our newest work to the public or keep it private for potential clients.  One argument is that it's best to … [Read more...]

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook…

I thought it would be nice for me to share some pages out of my Sketchbook.  In a recent post about the Dementia Ward project that I worked on, I shared some of the drawings that I created and the design development process that went towards creating the finished designs.  I got such good feedback on this post and a  lot of people seemed to enjoy … [Read more...]

Dementia Ward Commission – Surface Patterns

Last week was such an amazing week as I got to see two huge and very special commissions draw to a close.  I was invited to attend the openings of both projects and felt privileged to be there and to have been part of it all.  One of them was the brand new Cancer Care Courtyard and Walkway which I'll write about in more detail and post lots of … [Read more...]

New Work

Following all the hard work of the big project that was my first ever Look Book, I've been busy building and developing my collections.  Putting the Look Book together has been a great way for me to really look closely at what designs I have in my Portfolio, what areas are my strongest and which areas might need work.  The Look Book was only really … [Read more...]

Surface Pattern Look Book

I've not posted in a little while because I've been busy working on a few projects, one of them I'm going to share with you here.  I've been creating a 'Look Book' of my designs.  It's been a great way of showcasing my designs and helping potential clients to visualise how they may look on products.  For those of you who don't already know, a Look … [Read more...]

Pinhop June – Save the date!

Love to Pin? Love Pattern? Then why not join us for the first ever print and pattern Pinhop which starts this weekend, Saturday June 15th! A group of 40 or so talented Surface Pattern Designers from around the world will be showcasing brand new designs via a special Pinhop board located on the Find New Designers pinterest site.  There will be full … [Read more...]

Pinterest & Pin Hop June

Well I finally got myself onto Pinterest! I've been wanting to do it for ages but I just knew once I started pinning I wouldn't be able to stop, so I was waiting for the right time and some free time too! You can find my boards here I'd love you to pop by and let me know what you think.  It's all still a work in progress but I'm loving putting it … [Read more...]

Magnolia Window Vinyl

I'm currently working on a large project at York Hospital which you can read more about in detail here and here and consists of designs for window vinyl, laser-cut metal panels and gate designs to go in a new walkway and courtyard for the Cancer Care & Magnolia Centre.  The work is being carried out in different stages and over the weekend I … [Read more...]

New Designs – Tigerprint Competition

It's always lovely to be able to share new designs with you all and it's even better when there are two, which is what I have for you today! I decided to enter the latest Tigerprint competition  which was for a Female Surface Pattern design that could be used across a wide range of products such as, Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper, Stationery Products … [Read more...]

New Work, New Collection, New Direction

I've been thinking a lot lately about the direction of my work.  I'm very fortunate in that I have different streams to my business; I work with an agent who promotes and sells my bedding and wallpaper designs, I work directly with clients to create designs for their products, I work on large-scale architectural commissions often for public … [Read more...]

Sneaky Peek – Design Development

I thought it might be nice for you if I shared some visuals of how some of my designs are developed.  For those of you interested in Surface Pattern Design I thought it might offer an insight into how designs can be created.  There are many different techniques that designers (including me) will use to create designs, such as working straight onto … [Read more...]

New Design & Free Shipping!

I'm pleased to be able to share with you all a new design that has been added to my shop It's my Block Print Circles design and it was created from hand block printing shapes and textures and then taking them into the computer and working into them further.What's more, is that there is also FREE SHIPPING worldwide until Sunday 17th March 2013!  So … [Read more...]

Window Vinyl Designs – York Hospital

Some of you may have already read about the lovely project I'm working on for the Cancer Care Centre at York Hospital.  You can read all about it here so I won't go into loads of detail again about the actual commission but I did want to share with you some of the design development so far.  Although the whole commission is for the new Courtyard … [Read more...]

Block Print Flowers Design

Happy Monday everyone! Well I feel I can only say that (and mean it!) now I know I was able to retrieve all of my lost files from my laptop that decided to pack up on me on Friday afternoon! Not a good start to the weekend but with the wonders of modern technology, it's all come good and my work is safe. The things we learn how to do! So in … [Read more...]

Brand New Designs

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought I would celebrate the opening of my new online shop by releasing two brand new designs!  One of them, "Mehndi Flowers", has featured previously in some of  my sneaky peaks and you can also see the design development of this one, with the actual hand drawings on my Facebook page.  The second design, "Folky Lace … [Read more...]

New Society 6 Shop!

Happy New Year! The Blog has been a bit quiet lately so I thought I would come back with some exciting news......I now have a new Society 6 shop! You can buy my designs on products such as iphone covers, laptops skins, cushions and greetings cards! I'm very excited!  I've only uploaded a few designs to start off with but I'll be adding more in the … [Read more...]

Heimtextil 2013

It's that time of year again with Heimtextil just around the corner in January.  It's one of the biggest international surface pattern design trade shows for textiles and my work is going to be represented there!  I'm very excited!  I've been busy over the last couple of months steadily adding to my collection of wallpaper, bedding and textile … [Read more...]