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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Well in fact, happy #TALKT!  As some of you may already know, I recently joined Twitter (yes I know, I was slow to catch on!) and today I discovered all about #TALKT (Take A Look Tuesday!) which is a way for artists, designers and makers to promote their own work and that of their fellow Creatives.  The idea is that when you see the #TALKT on someone’s Facebook post, tweet or Blog, you then share or re-tweet to help spread the word and their work!  So, in honour of  Take A Look Tuesday, here is a posting about a lovely new project that I am working on at York Hospital.


Since I started my business in 2005, I’ve been very fortunate to carry out many a commission for York Hospital and in the last couple of years most of them have been in the Magnolia Building and Cancer Care Centre.  The most recent being designs for vinyl attached to the windows and laser cut steel panels in the Magnolia Building which you can see more of here.

These are some photos of the windows…Oncology Vinyl_1Magnolia Building Vinyl_1Oncology Vinyl_2and here is a photo of the laser cut steel panels that I did…..Magnolia Building Wall Panels_1

I’m really proud of all the work I’ve carried out at the Hospital so I was really excited when they contacted me again at the end of last year to ask if I was interested in their new project – a brand new Courtyard and Walkway for the entrance to the Cancer Care Centre!

This is how the Hospital describes the exciting new project:

“The Cancer Care Centre (CCC) at York Hospital is trying to raise enough money to create a new garden and courtyard area which can be used by anyone affected by cancer. The garden will be a mixture of seating areas and plants and flowers which will become a haven for patients and their family and friends, whether this is to relax in the fresh air, read a book or sit and have some lunch. The new garden will be a beautiful and flexible area that we hope will be enjoyed by all who visit it.

As part of the project, we would like to create a more welcoming approach to the CCC by decorating the external walls and windows. This will brighten up a currently dark space and help to direct people around the building, as well as creating a more comforting and calming atmosphere for people entering the space.”


They’ve asked me to come up with designs for window vinyl, laser cut steel wall panels and metal gates that will be installed in the walkway entrance leading to the Centre and the new garden.  So far we’ve come up with some preliminary ideas for designs for the vinyl, steel and gates and where the finished artwork will go but final designs won’t be submitted for approval for a few months yet.

This is how the walkway looks at the moment (not particularly inviting!)…Cancer Care Courtyard_before_1

and this is a visualisation of how the new walkway could look and where the new artworks and designs would go….Cancer Care Courtyard_mock up_1

The new garden is going to be at the end of the walkway and to the right.  I don’t have a drawing of the garden to hand so I’ll have to post that another time.  The designs you see in the visualisation aren’t the finished designs that we’ll use for the gates, windows and wall panels but it just helps to give everyone involved in the project an idea of how the space will look.  I’ll post more images as the project progresses.


York Hospital are still trying to raise money for this project to help make all of it possible, so if you would like to fundraise for the CCC garden project then please contact the Fundraising Manager, Lucy Lowthian, on 01904 721737, email or visit  You can also donate via their just giving page too

Please also share this Blog post, tweet it, or like it on Facebook to help raise awareness of the project and hopefully gain some willing fundraisers!





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