Brand New Designs

Happy Friday Everyone!

I thought I would celebrate the opening of my new online shop by releasing two brand new designs!  One of them, “Mehndi Flowers”, has featured previously in some of  my sneaky peaks and you can also see the design development of this one, with the actual hand drawings on my Facebook page.  The second design, “Folky Lace Flowers”, has never been seen anywhere by anyone else, so it’s a real preview for you all and hopefully a bit of a treat !  Just remember you saw it here first!  Both designs were created from hand drawings using a fine liner pen and then taken onto the computer to colour and tweak the layout and are now available as iphone covers, laptop skins, fine art prints and cushions!  Just click on the images to take a closer look.  I hope you like them and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mehndi Flower_iphoneMehndi Flower

Folky Lace Flowers_pillowFolky Lace Flowers


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