Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 16

Advent Challenge 16 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

I loved creating today's design for the Christmas #adventchallenge2014, which is Gingerbread House.  I really had fun with it and although it's not exactly 'Ginger' (a Designer's got to stick with her colour palette right?!) I think it looks quite yummy!  It's a good job I was organised with this one yesterday as we had a bit of a drama last … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 15

Advent Challenge 15 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Monday again and Day 15 already!  I'm starting to struggle to keep up.  I'm busy juggling a big freelance project, Etsy orders and then trying to sneak in some Christmas advent designing......not to mention I still need to write my cards or do any Christmas shopping....just don't tell anyone!  I've done some pretty star Garlands for today's theme - … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 14

Advent Challenge 14 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

I really struggled with today's theme which is Favourite Christmas Colour!  I'm not good at picking my favourite colour at the best of times as I love so many colours and working with them all day makes it really hard to have a favourite....or is that just me?!  So for Day 14 of the Advent Challenge I decided to create a box full of colourful … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 12

Advent Challenge 12 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Happy Friday!  We're now half way through the Christmas Advent Challenge, hurrah!  Today's theme is Christmas Fairy and as I've had a sudden flurry of Christmas orders in my Etsy shop and a last minute freelance commission come in, I'm cheating a little again today.  This is my Angel/Fairy from my Christmas Cards which has flown it's way onto Day … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 11

Advent Challenge 11 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Day 11 and two weeks today to the big day people!  Don't panic though as I've not even written my cards, bought any pressies or put my tree up!  I know! Although we don't  normally put our tree up until the week before Christmas and I'm usually quite last minute with cards and pressies so it's not so unusual.  I don't actually have that many … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 10

Advent Challenge 10 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Ok, so is anyone getting bored of the Christmas Advent Challenge because we've a long way to go yet! I really hope you're not but please do tell me if you are and I can condense the postings into less blog posts if you prefer.  Hopefully this one will make you smile because today's theme is Christmas Jumper!  I remember my Dad used to have a red … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 9

Advent Challenge 9 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

Brrrrr it's a very cold and frosty one here this morning but beautiful none the less.....well at least I'm sure it will be once the sun comes up!  It's a very early start for me this morning so good job I was prepared and created my little 'Nutcracker' soldier last night for today's theme!  I couldn't stop smiling to myself when I was drawing this … [Read more...]

Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 7

Advent Challenge 7 - Blog Post - Rebecca Stoner

A week of advent madness gone by already! I'm really hoping I can keep up but today and yesterday have taken some doing!  Today's theme is Winter Wonderland and I cheated a little bit on this one as I resurrected parts of an old design which I always liked but wanted to update.  So here's my take on Winter Wonderland.  What do you think? … [Read more...]