Art Daily Project 2015 – Week 10

I thought it would be nice to do a round up of last weeks #artdaily2015 drawings on Instagram.  I’m gradually trying to get back into it and managed to share 4 drawings last week.  The project has really gained momentum now and we have gained lots of new followers and also loads of new designers participating and sharing their daily creative exercises using the hashtag! You can see them all by searching the hashtag over on Instagram.  Don’t forget there’s also the Pinterest board that I set up which you can follow and re-pin any of the work you like.

Teacup by Rebecca Stoner for #artdaily2015

Teacup for #artdaily2015

This teacup drawing actually went on to become this Mother’s Day card

Pot Plants by Rebecca Stoner for #artdaily2015

Pot Plants for #artdaily2015

and these pretty pot plants went on to become this.  I’ve really found that I’m going on to use a lot of my drawings for projects or new products in my shop, so it just goes to show that no drawing is ever wasted!

Flowers by Rebecca Stoner for #artdaily2015

Some pretty flowers for Day 63 of the #artdaily2015 project

These roses for Day 64 were actually some design drawing I did for an exciting new project I’m working on…

Roses by Rebecca Stoner for #artdaily2015

Roses for #artdaily2015

and this is a sneaky peek of what they are going to become – a surface pattern for the fabric of a Yorkshire inspired silk Kimono for a lovely company called Smith and Downes!  I can’t wait to see the final product with the cute little whippets dancing around all over it!

Yorkshire Kimono peek by Rebecca Stoner

Sneaky peek of a project I’m working on creating a surface pattern for a Yorkshire inspired silk kimono!

I’m hoping to share lots more this week over on Instagram so be sure to pop over and have a look, not just at mine but all the other designers taking part.
Catch up again soon,
Rebecca x

How are you getting on with your daily creative exercises?  Are you managing to keep to them or do you struggle to commit to it everyday? Have you found you’ve used any of your drawings or artwork in any finished designs?  I’d love to know so please do tell me in the comments below.

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