Art Daily 2015 – Group Project

Well the #artdaily2015 project over on Istagram seems to be gaining momentum!  There are now quite a few of us sharing our daily creative projects and tagging them under the same hashtag of #artdaily2015, so if you search using this hashtag your feed will be filled with beautiful new artwork.

If you’re not on Instagram don’t worry as many of us use the same hashtag on Facebook and also share our drawings and paintings on our own Blogs.  So, as well as sharing some of my own latest drawings, I thought it would be fun to share a handful of some of my fellow artists/designers work too and I promise you’re in for a treat!

As a taster, here’s the beautiful work of Nicola Catherall Jones from  Gooseberry Moon.  She is using the project to solely focus on leaves.  I love her delicate work and this pretty floral wreath is no exception.

Gooseberry Moon_Nicoal Cateral Jones

Like Nicola, many of us are using this project to experiment with different techniques that we don’t normally use on regular basis, like maybe watercolours or paint if we normally work in pen.  Jan Shepherd from Patternmuse told me that “I hardly paint at all, I felt a bit nervous but strangely relaxed after a few moments and enjoyed the feel of the paint being smoothed onto the paper” and this is the result of her just having fun and letting go, this wonderful watercolour painting of sticky pear that she found at the back of her fridge! I love all the gorgeous textures she managed to capture and the earthy colours.

Jan Shepherd

I’ve really enjoyed using this project as an excuse to experiment too but I’ve also found myself returning to my old faithful pencil and fineliner quite a lot over the last week!  Remember my sewing drawings from last week that I turned into this notebook?  Well I enjoyed doing the sketches so much and they got such good feedback, that I carried on and drew these retro sewing machines.

Retro Sewing Machines by Rebecca Stoner for #artdaily2015 project

I then went on to turn all my sewing drawings into this fun new collection, which is also available on different products in my shop.  That’s the great thing about this project, I find I’m coming up with new ideas for designs or products just through my sketches!

I Love Sewing by Rebecca Stoner

Another Designer that I’ve noticed also likes to use black pen for her drawings is Lindsay Buck from Slumbermonkey  I’ve loved seeing her sometimes bold but always fun, pen drawings of different things like leaves, shells, and even mushrooms like in this lovely drawing.

Lindsay Buck

Then there’s the one’s that surprise us each day with what they will come up with – will it be a black pen drawing, or a painting, or maybe even a collage?  One of those designers is Julie Hamilton from Artistically Afflicted who always keeps me guessing each day what medium she’ll use but the one thing that’s consistent is that all her posts are gorgeous!  Like this collage piece here.

Julie Hamilton

Even when I’ve stuck with my much loved fineliners I’ve tried to vary the subject matter that I’ve drawn.  I’ve found that I’ve started noticing that everyday objects seem more interesting and I’ve had fun putting my own style on them.   I’m learning something new everyday about what I like to draw and I’ve found myself excited to get my sketchbook out (or loose sheets of paper in my case!) and get drawing.  I can’t wait to turn my kitchen themed sketches into something new!

Kitchen things by Rebecca Stoner

Although the project is pushing me to look at and draw objects I wouldn’t normally have thought of, I’ve still also spent time drawing florals and foliage which I always love, like this floral wreath I drew. It’s crying out for some hand drawn lettering to go with it don’t you think?

Floral Wreath by Rebecca Stoner

The talented Gloria Urech from Gukuuki Studio also likes drawing florals (among other things!) and although she’s not on Instagram, she’s been sharing all her drawings on her blog which I recommend popping over and having a look at.  For her project she is focusing on all things black and white, like this beautiful pen drawing.

Gloria Urech_Gukuuki Studio

Another very talented Designer that is focussing purely on black and white for their project is Emine Ortega.  I’m loving all the paintings and drawings she’s been sharing and her work certainly shows that black and white can definitely be exciting, beautiful and interesting, just take a look this stunning watercolour and her instagram feed if you need proof!


And last but by no means least is the work of the lovely Lisa Rivas.  Lisa’s work is not just beautiful but it’s always so honest and it feels like she’s really opening her soul to you through her artwork.  She often combines her daily artworks with beautiful words that really speak to you.

Lisa Rivas

Before I  go I just wanted to tell you about a new Pinterest Board that I’ve set up where I’m hoping lots of the artists and designers I’ve featured here will start to pin their work throughout the year to help make it even easier for you to spread the word about our brilliant creative project!  You see we’re quite proud of our little project but we don’t just want it to be our little project, we’d love for it to keep gaining momentum and hopefully inspire many more of you to start your own daily creative project.  I’d love to hear about it if you do (let me know in the comments below) and be sure to use the hashtag #artdaily2015 on Instagram as well so we can all see it!

Thanks for reading this super long post and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the gorgeous images I’ve shared.
Rebecca x

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