Animal Alphabet – Butterfly

I’m into the second week of my Animal Alphabet and the subject I chose was Butterfly.  I really enjoyed this one and it felt easily in my comfort zone (unlike last weeks!) so I came up with sketches and drawings quite quickly and actually really enjoyed creating the lettering this time!  That’s where I started – with the lettering……

Butterfly Lettering by Rebecca Stoner

I really got into the ‘zone’ of experimenting with different types of lettering.  I just kept writing the same word over and over again until it flowed naturally and I was happy with it.  Then I began drawing some marker pen butterflies, again different shapes and sizes with lots of different markings.

Marker Pen Butterflies by Rebecca Stoner

Then I combined some of the marker pen butterflies and lettering with some ditsy flowers and leaves and created a pretty butterfly wreath.

Butterfly Wreath by Rebecca Stoner

I wasn’t sure at the time whether to call it finished for week 2 or to scan the drawing in and work onto further, after all, my goal with this project isn’t necessarily to create polished, finished designs each week, it’s more about the experimenting and trying out new subject matter and techniques.  The animal alphabet cues are really just that, cues for me to work to so that I’m not having to think each week about what subject matter to use.  I like the idea of it being a fairly open brief so that one week I might create an illustration and then the next week it might be a pattern.  Some weeks I may have a finished new design for my licensing portfolio but other weeks it might just be inspiration sketches for a new project that I’ll start later on.  I’ve already created a pattern to go with my Alpaca illustration from last week, which I’ll show you another time.  However, I kept coming back to the butterflies, feeling like I wanted to do something digital with them as well so I decided to have a play about with some new Photoshop Brushes that I’d bought and draw some more butterflies in PS.  Here’s the first go at one I did using some of the new watercolour brushes.

Butterfly watercolour brushes by Rebecca Stoner

I was instantly hooked!  I love how real the brushes are and how they react so life like to pressure and the brush strokes I make with my pen and tablet.  I then carried on drawing more butterflies and flowers and ended up creating the wreath layout all over again in Photoshop!

Watercolour Butterfly Wreath by Rebecca Stoner

I’m really happy with how it turned out and have been using the brushes a lot more over the last week for different projects and would really recommend them.  I’ve even finished a couple of different options for week 3’s theme already (animal beginning with the letter C) and they’ve even been sent off to be reviewed for a potential licensing opportunity…..I just can’t decide if I’m going to share them or create some more!  So the project is proving worthwhile already and is inspiring my daily work as well, which is what I’d hoped it would do.

How are you getting on with your creative projects?  Are you finding it easy to stick to them?  I’m certainly finding the weekly deadline much easier than the daily one over Christmas!  I’d love to hear about your projects so do let me know in the comments below.
Rebecca x

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