Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 7

A week of advent madness gone by already! I’m really hoping I can keep up but today and yesterday have taken some doing!  Today’s theme is Winter Wonderland and I cheated a little bit on this one as I resurrected parts of an old design which I always liked but wanted to update.  So here’s my take on Winter Wonderland.  What do you think?

Christmas Advent Challenge - Day 7 - Winter Wonderland by Rebecca Stoner


  1. […] Day 17 and I’m managing to keep up with the Advent Challenge….just!  Today’s theme is ‘Frozen’ and every time I hear this word I think of my little 2 year old niece singing the Frozen song at the top of her voice and running round the room shouting “let it go, let it go”!  She’d be most disappointed I’ve not drawn anything to do with the film but I’m hoping she’ll forgive me!  So here’s my snow globe, which I hope is looking a little Frozen, although I think it’s slightly more suited to Day 7′s Winter Wonderland theme! […]

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