Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 18 & 19

Naughty me missed a day and now I’m behind!  I’ve had a really busy week in my shop which is great but trying to work and pack orders with a bandaged finger has really slowed me down, so I had to let go yesterday (as hard as it was to do!) and not post my design.  So it’s two for the price of one today, with both days 18 and 19 in one post.  I’ve managed to get all my cards sent and all my shopping done so feeling a bit more prepared. How are you doing?  Are you all ready for the big day?  Or should I not ask!  If it makes you feel better, I now have no kitchen as it’s being ripped out as we speak! That’s one way of getting out of making the Christmas Dinner!

Anyway, yesterday’s theme was Christmas Food, so here’s my floating (?!) Christmas Pud!

Day 18 - Christmas Pudding by Rebecca Stoner

And today’s theme is Dala Horse, which I think are so pretty and I’d like to have spent longer on it but here’s my Christmassy Dala Horse.

Day 19 - Dala Horse by Rebecca Stoner

Hopefully see you tomorrow with the Three Kings!

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