Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 16

I loved creating today’s design for the Christmas #adventchallenge2014, which is Gingerbread House.  I really had fun with it and although it’s not exactly ‘Ginger’ (a Designer’s got to stick with her colour palette right?!) I think it looks quite yummy!  It’s a good job I was organised with this one yesterday as we had a bit of a drama last night….squeemish alert……

……I managed to slice a big chunk out of the side of my finger while preparing tea!  I’m not great with blood and almost passed out as there was so much blood!  My husband did say it was bad so I didn’t feel too much of a wuss!  Luckily I’d finished my design before the drama and the cut’s not on my drawing hand,  (phew!) so I suppose the bonus of a big bandaged finger that I can’t get wet is no washing up for me over Christmas!!

Anyway, I hope I haven’t scared you all away with my gruesome tales and you manage to enjoy my yummy looking Gingerbread House!  Wish me luck trying to design and pack orders with one hand 🙂

Day 16 - Gingerbread House by Rebecca Stoner

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