Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 14

I really struggled with today’s theme which is Favourite Christmas Colour!  I’m not good at picking my favourite colour at the best of times as I love so many colours and working with them all day makes it really hard to have a favourite….or is that just me?!  So for Day 14 of the Advent Challenge I decided to create a box full of colourful Christmas Crackers using lots of different colours from my advent palette that I hope look pretty together! What do you think?

Day 14 - Colourful Christmas Crackers by Rebecca Stoner
Before you go I wanted to tell you about a lovely blog post that Julie Hamiliton from Artistically Afflicted has written about her challenge of creating an advent design a day. I love her work and some of her Christmas Advent designs are my favourite so I really recommend popping over and having a look.  She also lists some more advent challengers for you to check out as well and I’m one of the lucky one’s to be on her list!  Thanks Julie 🙂

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